Kasad.ia Is Like A Cloud-Based Pinterest For Groupon, Whatever That Means

Kasad.ia, a hot new startup from the founder of Tahko, is launching today in private invite-only beta. It seeks to disrupt the social mediasphere and re­juve­nate the juxtapoliticization of real time people discovery space by harnessing the cloud for micro­communi­pictosharing. In other words, it's a Pinterest clone. (Disclosure: I am a principal investor in birrri.to, the founder is my nephew, and I am a paid advisor for the project.)




Just look at all the dirt we found on some poor clod's iPhone he stupidly left behind on the subway! Why isn't Apple doing more to protect user privacy?

Facebook Rolling Out "Alternate Timeline" Despite Controversy

Facebook's controversial new "Alternate Timeline" view, which allows you to see what your Facebook profile would look like had you made different choices in your past, is now live for all 1.3 billion users despite the ongoing lawsuit from the ACLU, EFF, and Scientists Against Temporal Intervention (SATI). Here's the simple 20-step process to disable it.

Instagram Acquires Twitpic While Getting Acquired By Tumblr, Which Then Gets Acquired By Amazon

In an unprecedented four hour acquisition marathon, popular photo-sharing service Instagram snatched up rival Twitpic mere moments before getting acquired by microblogging platform Tumblr, which itself was quickly bought by retail giant Amazon for the price of several countries.

Google+ Now Mandatory For All Search Users


Google announced today that starting next week all visitors to the search engine must sign up for the company's fledging social network in order to conduct conduct searches.

Is ZuneTab An iPad Killer?

Designing Web Interfaces

Could Microsoft's forthcoming Windows tablet be the device that finally dethrones the iPad as the king of tablets?


SLIDESHOW: The Samsung Ericcson Droid Platonic Neon Albatross Ultra Series XG2 Powerslate

With its gorgeous 2 by 7" screen, 17 clock widgets, built-in barometer, Beats audio, and nearly 4 hours of battery life, the Samsung Ericcson Droid Platonic Neon Albatross Ultra Series XG2 Powerslate could be the Android tablet we've been waiting for. Here's a hands-on look.

People still use web browsers?

Rumor: Zynga Making A Video Game Console

Sources say Zynga, the company behind Farmville and MobQuest, is teaming up with Sega to resurrecte the Dreamcast as part of big expansion for the social game maker.

Are Your Sexts Being Sent To al-Qaeda?

If you're using any of the big four wireless networks, the answer is probably yes.

I Can Haz IPO?

Sources say I Can Haz Cheezburger, the popular lolcats blog recently valued at $999 trillion in the latest round of venture funding, could be going public any day now.


How Authorities Tracked Down The So-Called "Foursquare Killer"


Windows Phone 7 Adds Calculator App

A spokesperson confirmed to TNRI that Windows Phone 7 users may finally be recieve a calculator app in the next over-the-air OS update from Microsoft sometime before the end of the year, depending on the model of phone and pending approval from the carriers.

Can FlugenWeb Take On Facebook?

Can a 2-person startup from Germany take on the $900 billion social networking giant? For the sake of the premise of this article, let's pretend it's a remote possibility.

Apple iCar Prototype Revealed

Designed by Steve Jobs himself mere moments before his untimely passing

I don t know about you, but I sure as heck don t want to look like a strange dude

How Google Is Invading YOUR Privacy

Did you know that Google shows users ads based on their private search terms? "Don't be evil" my ass. Here's how to opt out and protect your privacy.

17,539 Dropbox Alternatives You Should Definitely Consider Using

We asked you to tell us your favorite cloud storage apps, and you delivered! Here are over 17,000 alternatives you should consider downloading to supplant or integrate with Dropbox.

Microsoft Releases Office For Xbox

Seeking to further unite their two most popular consumer products, Microsoft has released an version of its flagship Office program suite designed for use on Xbox consoles that will integrate with the Kinect motion sensor, so consumers can "air type" documents and spreadsheets.

AOL Shutting Down AIM Unless You Forward This Article To Five Friends


I just recieved a shocking IM from a high-level executive telling me that AOL plans to shut down its highly popular instant messenging service unless you forward this article to five of your friends.

Flickr Changing Name To Flicker

In a post on their company blog, photo-sharing giant Flickr announced the company is changing the name of the service to Flicker. "Today we are finally taking steps to rectify a typo our founders [Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake] made when registering the domain. We stuck with it for all these years out of sheer embarassment, but enough is enough."

Netflix And Hulu Enter Bidding War For UPN Library

Video-on-demand giants Netflix and Hulu have entered into a million dollar bidding war for the rights to stream defunct television network UPN's content library, which includes the full series runs of television classics Homeboyz in Outer Space and The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer.


First Look At Android 9.1 (Zucchini Bite)

Google engineers gave I/O attendees an exclusive sneak peak at version 9.1 of the Android operating system (codenamed Zucchini Bite), scheduled to hit smartphones and other devices in Q3 2016. We've got the pictures.

Windows ∞ Could Be The Last Operating System You Ever Use

Microsoft announced today that the latest version of Windows due out this fall will also be the last operating system consumers will ever use. "We are confident that we have made so many advancements with Windows ∞ that the computing paradigm has been perfected to such an astounding degree that future versions will be unnecessary," proclamed CEO Steve Ballmer.

Is Xzikkui A Google Killer?

A couple of ex-Googlers have engineered a rival search engine that will definitely not be completely forgotten about in a matter of months.

Could This Be The iPad 4?

Cem K.
Could this iPad we, uh, acquired legally, be the iPad 4?

Thousands Lining Up For New HP Printer

Thousands of HP fans nationwide are already lining up outside HP retail stores so they can be the first to get their hands on the latest HP printer, the all-in-one S190 series, scheduled to be released on Monday.

Is Siri Pregnant?

Several Apple watchers have spotted what could be a baby bump on the popular iPhone search assistant.

Playstation Orbis Just A Box Filled With Spiders

Beta testers for Sony's next-gen console report that the prototype they recieved was just a cardboard box filled with "hundreds and hundreds of spiders" and spider eggs.

Is Twitter Secretly Making A Pager?

A little birdie told me Twitter could be entering the gadget sphere by Q4 with a line of low-cost Twitter-branded pagers. Let's parse a few carefully-worded denials from several alleged hardware partners, shall we?

How To Monetize Your Memes

Everyone loves pictures with words written on them in Impact font. Here's how to optimize your tired jokes for epic windfalls of cash.

Is Gjokkr A Hmnnurli Killer?

Or will it be another flop like MxxTy?

BuzzFeed Acquires Cahiers du Cinema


BuzzFeed has acquired the legendary French film journal Cahiers du Cinema for an undisclosed sum. "The prestige of the Cahiers brand will further legitimize BuzzFeed as a major player in the content sphere, and BuzzFeed's aggressive SEO-grinding algorithms will give Cahiers a big push into the 21st century media landscape." Starting tomorrow, all film reviews will be dramatically shortened and include a scale of ratings from "WIN" to "FAIL."

Fake won't be getting any calls from me in the future to give her a heads up that we're breaking news about her startup.

Ohio Arts Announces The Etch-A-Pad

Ohio Arts is jumping into the tablet market with a cheap tablet version of its popular Etch-A-Sketch device. For just $49, the "Etch-A-Pad" will allow users to draw pictures with a revolutionary touch screen. I got to play with a prototype, and feel it in my hands. Here's some specs that will somehow be wrong.

I Don't Get It

Just because I'm personally invested in about half the companies we cover here doesn't mean I'm biased. Why can't people just accept that?


The Web Is Dead

What, didn't you get the memo? Why are you still reading this stupid blog?


I'm So Happy Mike Daisey Was Lying

...about some of the abuses in the Chinese iPhone factory. Now I can ignore the situation altogether.


I Just Talked To A Guy From Qualcomm!

In part 1 of my EXCLUSIVE 7-part video podcast interview, Qualcomm Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Norm Fjeldheim shares his thoughts on the semiconductor industry and where it's heading. You're definitely not going to want to miss this!

Yahoo! Acquiring Coffee Machine

Internet giant Yahoo! has announced that they are acquiring a new coffee machine for the fourth floor break room.

Is Nintendo Producing A Smartphone?

yoshi by Moe_ on FlickrMoe_

My uncle, he works at Nintendo, and he told me they're making a smartphone, and you'll be able to call up Yoshi on it

Mildly Amusing Twitter Account Unmasked

For the past two weeks, we've been retweeting the heck out of the hilarious parody Twitter account @FakeVicGundotra, so we managed to track down the pasty lame nerd behind it.


Hands-On With The New George Foreman Grill

Spectrum Brands
There are many changes in the new sixth-generation George Foreman Evolve - chief among them are an 84 square inch cooking surface, a digital timer with retina display, and patented "George Tough" nonstick coating. However, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of tradeoffs. The new grill weights about 8% more and is about 7% thicker than the prior model. This means the company can't claim to have the thinnest and lightest grill on the market, as it boasted three years ago with the G5. (I should note, however, that it's still thinner and lighter than the original George Foreman grill.)

Is TNRI Invading Your Privacy?

Yes, Tech News Rumor Insider got hacked last week and all commenter accounts were compromised. Here's why it's not a big deal.

Is Kevin Rose A Mark Zuckerberg Killer?

Brian Solis
Sources say Digg founder Kevin Rose have played a role in the baffling murder of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that has left Silicon Valley shaken and authorities flummoxed.

TNRI Reporter Leaving For Facebook

I'm saddened to report that long-time Tech News Rumor Insider reporter Amanda Choi, who covered the Facebook beat for us for several years, will be leaving us to join Facebook as a PR spokes­woman.


New Version of iPhone Coming This Summer?

A tipster tells TNRI the next version of the iPhone could be coming out this summer, as has been the case every year for the past five years.