Review: Apple Watch

Apple WatchThe Apple Watch. (Flickr/giveittimmy)

Well the Apple Watch is here and it is a beaut. I put it onto my wrist and I thought, wow this is the future. We're living in the future, now.

Jony Ive and the design people at Apple HQ have really outdone themselves this time, this is one of the most beautiful gizmos I've ever seen. I hate to nitpick but some of the design comes at the cost of functionality, the see-through plastic part is easily scratchable. But still, though, it is a quite nice achievement.

I've only been wearing the Apple Watch for 20 minutes and already I can't imagine my life without it. Look's like it's "time" for you to get a new watch ;-)

Overall I rate the Apple Watch 9 out of 10 points


  • Tells time
  • Rugrats-themed
  • Says "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do" when you push the button
  • Good colour scheme


  • Plastic is easily scratchable
  • Batteries hard to replace
  • Have to manually change time for Daylight Savings Time

score 9