Yahoo! Lays Off 11,499

"It's just me now," says CEO Marissa Mayer.

Mayer took me on a tour of Yahoo's desolate Sunnyvale headquarters. Every employee except her has been laid off.

"You know, this is great. My philosophy, from day one, has been to run Yahoo! like a startup. And now I've achieved it," she told me. "I do the coding, I do the design, I decide which news stories to put on the home page, I clean up the place. I do everything."

As we walked through the abandoned remains of the Flickr offices, she mentioned that she hopes to move Yahoo! into her garage. "All the great tech companies started in garages. And then they get so big and bloated that it stifles innovation. I want to reverse that trend."

I asked her how she expects to juggle running a multi-billion corporation by herself while raising a family. She seemed to peer into my soul for a moment and then let out one of her trademark laughs.

"I thrive on challenge."