TNRI Interrupt Conference Kicks Off Tomorrow!

It's that time of the year again! TNRI Interrupt, our annual tech conference featuring industry leaders and sycophants talking all things tech, is kicking off tomorrow morning in Silicon Valley! We've got some great things planned this year and we think attendees are going to be blown away. If you haven't registered, you can still catch some of the action on our livestream.

Here's a look at our slate of speeches, workshops, interviews, presentations, and demonstrations:

  • Introduction
  • Leveraging Your Personal Brand To Get 10% Off At TCBY
  • Meme-fying National Tragedies: How Much Is Too Little?
  • Finding The Best Instagram Angle: A Hands-On Demonstration
  • Smartwatches: A Primer
  • The Microsoft Comeback (Presentation By Raoul Hurrbort)
  • Harnessing The Power of Weird Twitter For Monetary Gain
  • How To Sell A $30 Million App You Didn't Actually Make
  • Predicting the Next Social Media Paradigm
  • Interview: The Sock Puppet On His Hot New Startup
  • Open Bar Where All The Drinks Are Puns On Stupid Tech Shit
  • Crowdsourcing Murder Investigations
  • Preparing For The Singularity
  • Maximizing Mindshare Engagement
  • New Buzzword Brainstorming Workshop
  • Why I Want To Marry Jony Ive And Kiss Him On The Lips (Presentation by Jhonen Fluber)
  • The Gamer Civil Rights Movement: Is It Achievable This Decade?
  • Interview: High-Level Anonymous Hackers
  • Live Demonstration of Hot New Startup Bplikppy
  • Award Ceremony For Best Startup Who Paid Us Some Money
  • Mass Tech Industry Orgy