Facebook Announces Big Font Overhaul

facebook announcementTom Krazit/Instagram

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the genetically identical twin brother of the late founder Mark Zuckerberg, just announced a sweeping design overhaul for the social network, which like all Facebook changes will likely prove controversial.

Taking the stage at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Zuckerberg boldy proclaimed the event "the most important announcement Facebook has ever made."

After playing a epic 12-minute film about the history of typography, Zuckerberg stressed the importance of fonts and how Facebook needs to reflect their ever-changing pace. With a slide of a 2007-era News Feed projected behind him, he declared the site's default font Lucida Grande "stale." Stressing the importance of nurturing the "fonts of tomorrow," Zuckerberg then announced a sweeping overhaul of the site's typography, with a suite of all-new fonts designed from the ground up. Facebook engineers and font designers were brought on stage to showcase the new Facebook-themed fonts, which will be rolling out to all users in the next week.

Here's a list of the new fonts:

  • Connect Sans
  • Facebook Antiqua
  • Frictionless Serif
  • Menlotype Corsiva
  • Open Graph Dingbats
  • Pokeyrus
  • Timelines New Roman
  • Winklevossdings
  • Zuckerville

Following the announcement, Zuckerberg thanked the media for attending and proceeded to give each reporter a big hug. It was firm and gentle.