Servers in Space? The Future of Cloud Computing

Roger GrobleAlex Feldstein

Hi readers, it's me, celebrated tech pundit Robert Groble, and today I want to talk to you about an exciting business proposition.

Today, cloud computing is ubiquitous. Services like Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Hosting, Google Drive, Mega, and Skydrive are all competing to hold your files for you and keep them safe. But your files aren't actually safe at all, they're still subject to the whims of the big tech companies, and pesky laws. perturbed

Imagine: what if you could store your files in space, free of laws? hmmm

Well, someday that dream could become a reality. proud Today, I'm announcing the formation of my new company, Spacerack, which will specialize in space-hosting solutions. We are hoping to launch a satellite filled with a bunch of internet servers sometime in the next two years. Other companies will host your files in the cloud, but Spacerack will be the first to host them in space. Pesky feds won't be snooping in your files, because like international waters, there are no laws above the ionosphere. dance

Space trumps cloud, every time

We think this could be an enormous business opportunity, so if you're a venture capitalist, please give us a call. call me I'm sure you already my number, but you can also contact me on every social network (I am on all of them). The potential is... astronomical! heh (Sorry, couldn't resist).