Review: Google Naps for iOS


After months of unbearable agony for iPhone and iPad users, Google has finally made a new nap app for Apple's iOS mobile operating system, which you can download today in the iTunes App Store. But can Naps live up to the hype? Yes, it can, but you should still read this review anyway.

As expected, Google Naps has strong integration with other Google apps and services - it syncs with Google Calendar so you can schedule your naps, streams soothing sounds from Google Music, and lets you broadcast your nap info to your Google+ friends (e.g. "I just napped for 0.732 hours!"). It also lets you control nap length, with suggested times for power naps and cat naps that you can adjust. However, there are also some bad things about it too - it doesn't integrate with Apple's Siri, you can't share your naps to Facebook, and it only backs up your sleeping data to Google Drive, so Dropbox, iCloud, and Skydrive users are out of luck. Here is some of the stuff I just said, but in list form:

  • Plays YouTube videos of sheep if you can't sleep
  • Google Voice integration so you can record what you say if you talk in your sleep
  • Sleeping chart spreadsheet and dream journal backed up to your Google Drive
  • Doesn't integrate with Siri, Facebook, or non-Google cloud things
  • Shares your sleep data with advertisers
  • Skeumorphic nap controls

Despite the bad things, this is still the very best nap app on iOS. We should be grateful to Google for deigning to give all of us such a wonderful app. Thank you, Google.

score 9