Can A Conservative Boycott Take Down Social Networking Juggernaut Bloard?

Bloard, the startup social networking phenomenon pundit's have dubbed "The Next Face Book," is facing a boycott from conservative tweeters. They (the tweeters) are angry because of Bloard's multi-million dollar ad campaign on the liberal cable channel MSNBC. That was enough for Bloard to get put on a list of "Operation OpSLAM Targets" along with Volvo Car Corporation and Exxon Mobile. They are advising people to contact these companys and shame them into taking their ad's off.

The tweeters are also tweting about it, naturally, like for example this guy:

Given its relative youth in the social networking marketplace, it is unknown whether Bloard will be able to survive the onslaught of Operation Op Slam. Even if it does, will it still meet it's growth projections if Republican users are alienated question mark? And what about mindshare. We shall see as time will tell.

Bloard launched in late 2011 and has taken the world by storm. To date it the site has over ten hundred thousand users (known as "Bloardies") and has recieved over seven millions dollars in venture capital from investors including Mark Cuban and also Shawn Parker.