Microsoft Renames "Metro" Interface "Bob"

In response to legal issues, Microsoft has renamed its "Metro" user interface used on Windows Phone 7, Xbox, and the upcoming Windows 8 operating system to "Bob." Henceforth, all Metro applications will be referred to as "Bob apps" in all official documentation.

"We took a look in our portfolio for trademarks that we no longer use but still own," said Windows president Steven Sinofsky. "It turns out we still owned Microsoft Bob from the Windows 95 days, so we decided to repurpose it. It has a simple, friendly little ring to it that helps personify the platform in an authentically digital way, which are the qualities that we want consumers to associate with Windows 8. In many ways, the original Bob is a successor to this new UI paradigm shift, so it's quite fitting in many ways. We are confident Windows users will embrace the Bob interface."