Yahoo! Rebrands As "!"

Tech News Rumor Insider has confirmed Yahoo! is changing its name to "!" as part of a company-wide rebranding spearheaded by new CEO Marissa Mayer.

On Monday morning, visitors to the Yahoo! homepage were redirected to !.com, a sparsely-designed website imploring users to "sign up for the beta." The redirect has left millions without access to their Yahoo! e-mail accounts.

Yahoo! rebrand

Insiders say the name change is merely "phase zero" of Mayer's grandiose plan to reinvent Yahoo! from the ground up and inject the aging web portal with a dose of "cool," which just might be what the company needs in the age of hip startups like Instagram and Twitter. It's a risky billion dollar gamble, but it could pay off in spades.

No word yet on when the site - assuming it remains a site - will re-open, the fates of Yahoo!'s many properties (including Flickr and Yahoo! Answers), or how to pronounce the new name.