"MySpace Tom" Using Friends List As Kill List

MySpace TomLAPD officials have confirmed 20-year old USC undergraduate Abagail Aaronson is the latest victim in "MySpace Tom" Anderson's killing spree.

Investigators now believe Anderson, who co-founded MySpace in 2003, is using his friends list as a "kill list."

"Anyone who is MySpace friends with this psychopath is at risk," cautioned LAPD Chief William Bratton during a press conference, warning all users of the popular social network in Southern California to remain extra vigilant. Anderson is friends with over 95% of MySpace users, or an estimated 15.2 million people.

In the past two weeks, Anderson has murdered at least six other young adults in the greater Los Angeles area in a killing spree that has left the nation in shock and authorities baffled. Authorities fear he could top eight by the weekend.

Financial experts say the killing spree is not expected to have any effect on News Corp.'s rumored acquisition of the company.