Hello, World!

Welcome to Tech News Rumor Insider, soon to be become your favorite technology web log!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Mitch Charrington, and I'm a big gadget hound and lover of all things tech. I've been a reporter for the San Jose Mercury for the past five years, but now I've decided to take on this bold new internet venture.

I am joined in this endeavor by my good friend Joshua Roflsky, who just graduated from UC Santa Cruz. We started this blog so we can combine our passions: journalism and technology.

Since this is our inaugural post, I'd like to set forth a declaration of principles that will guide us through the years to come:

  • We are proud of our editorial integrity. We will never accept gifts from the companies we cover, nor will we trade favorable coverage for access.
  • We will never run ads on our site.
  • We are committed to remaining editorially independent. We won't accept any buy-out offers.
  • Our articles will be thought-provoking and, hopefully, invaluable to our readers.
  • Our primary mission is to inform, not entertain.
  • We will have a zero-tolerance police towards investing in the companies we cover.
  • We will disclose any possible conflict of interest, no matter how small.
  • We won't engage in salacious gossip.
  • We will always be sincere. We will not try to "troll" our readers or be contrarian for the sake of it.
  • We will never abuse our authority by blackmailing executives when they don't give us exclusives.
  • Our reporting will be top-notch. We won't publish anything until its been vetted for the truth.
  • Our reporting will be original. We won't just regurgitate news reported elsewhere, nor will we ever simply post a press release.
  • We won't break the law to get scoops.
  • We won't hand over column space to millionaires trying to improve their public image.

Thank you for reading Tech News Rumor Insider, and we hope you'll continue to read us in the years to come. We couldn't be any more excited about the future.